I've been published! !!!!!!
by my roommate adam. Our group of friends are starting a website called Brontosaurus Boys, which is a collection of our profound thoughts. We're the next generation. We're super fuckin smart. Hallejujah! Change the World! We're smart!


Nowhere to go

If I could categorize the young city life today with a few words of priority, it would be with "sweet nothings".

Is this obvious?
Has there been a group of these people in every generation, simply fluctuating over the years in influence over history? Is our generation the strongest, the weakest, or none of the sort?

If I could use a song, it would be "You Never Give Me Your Money" by the Beatles. An age killing song.
If I could use another song, it would be "O Sweet Nothin" by the Velvet Underground.

Will we take these magic feelings of nowhere to go, and use it to better the men and women standing next to us?

Perhaps these are just my ideals. But I think generalizations of contemporary life are always based on ideals. and Ideals on ideas. Ideas the foundation of change, of ideals becoming reality.

today, I feel as contemplative as a giant, as intangible as the wind.



tired. so tired of thinking.
But loving music like it is yesterday. Like it is tomorrow.
This is music for the old man in the rocking chair with his banjo and whiskey.
drunk, but not too drunk, with his newly awoken tired bones, content.

Prodigal Son - Rolling stones
Strangers - The Kinks
Papa Rolled His Own - Tommy james and the shondells
Maggie Mae - Beatles
Dear Doctor - The Rolling Stones
For You Blue - Beatles
You Gotta Move - Rolling Stones
I Know Who I Am - Tommy james and the shondells
Death of a Clown - The Kinks
Two Of Us - Beatles
This Time Tomorrow - The Kinks
Factory Girl - Rolling Stones
Makin Good Time - Tommy James and the shondells
Rocky Racoon - The Beatles

Do you ever think of the road that you have not been on, the one formed from maybe yourself, but definitely from your perception of the world? This music puts me at the end of this road (which is most likely, somewhere in the middle of the road where I finally found peace, which is what I'm after right?). Ahhhhhhhh harp harp, sing of my soul, use it on your lips.