today's date

while I'm alive
I don't feel alive

what's next?
I guess I'll know when I've gotten there


This is why I will hate the 21st century



dear self,
you're not interesting enough tonight
go to bed


drunk on the great gatsby

no, I'm actually just a little tipsy
trying to write a paper about the Great Gatsby
and trying not to think about....stufff
you know?
you know?
it's sort of difficult

my mind still kind of feels like vomming, but notsomuchasanhourago.

ps, Fuck Blogs


overall interesting day, considering

blockade these thoughts
leave them in the desert

beat to beat
feels like a heart in the speakers
a conduit for feeling

drunk drunk drunk
6 shots, 9 shots echoing
in the alleys
Another beat! someone
pounding my head,
hounding my doors.

veiny fleshy martian
dragging himself upon my steps
I don't need to feel sorry without you
and I won't let you in until I get a call!
We're both waiting for it!

heart, heart, heart,
you sneak in the back room
when I am asleep and drooling
In the dark, I walk
back and forth to your beats
back and forth
back and forth to your beats
back and forth
back and forth to your beats
back and forth to your beats

I don't feel good now. my body feels okay, but not my mind. it feels nauseous, like it's gonna vomit. brain vomit out my eyes. my mind is gonna vomit. brain vom. I'm gonna vom. my brain's gonna vom.


I need to bury my heart

I feel you in the other room
you hold me tight in the wormhole