I love giving my hands to the sky. I don't do it often.
but in Seattle, some days deserve it.

The morning that has been christened by the sun fills your nose with existence.
Walk and walk to where the leaves end, to the blue

The lake lay blue below the hill,
O'er it, as I looked, there flew
Across the waters, cold and still,
A bird whose wings were palest blue.
The sky above was blue at last,
The sky beneath me blue in blue,
A moment, ere the bird had passed,
It caught his image as he flew.

open up your neck today.

this is perhaps what it feels like to be in a church worship service?



I'll be published on The Planet Formerly Known As Earth in a few days. it's a collection of doomsday material on a lit blog. They have really awesome stuff on there. read them before we;re all dead!!


A playlist about BABY.

I spent most of the day making this and then listening to it. odd satisfaction in it. I feel equally as fulfilled creating a poem as I do a playlist like this. They move me. the light and heavy moods of love and want. Oh I want you so bad it's driving me mad driving me mad//
I can't imagine anyone not being torn even a little by ray's voice.

Bad Boy - The Jive Bombers
My Baby! - Ray Charles
You and Me - Penny & the Quarters
Mama Don't Like My Man - Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
Baby It's You - the Beatles
After Laughter Comes Tears - Wendy Rene
Cherry - The Jive Bombers
I Cried a Tear - Penny & the Quarters
I Want My Baby Back - David Bowie
La Vie En Rose - Edith Piaf
You Are Giving Me Some Other Love - Penny & the Quarters
Be My Baby - The Ronettes
Comeback Baby - Ray Charles

Be my baby!!! who is your baby? whose baby? whooose? These songs belong with a lover. Your lover. Or deep inside your chest. open your chest. fuck the decemberists. fuck the ________. be a real person, not as you KNOW how, but as you once were, when you were born, when you were a baby. be mine. i want you. saxophoneeeeEEEE!!!


I am dreaming of a different girl.
She leans forward and pulls me in.
What is her name?
She has two.
She is not one.

I wake up in light through the tree, in love.
I am the Sun King, for a moment. Sing.
I am awake. Why?
There is no love here.
The sun is still here.

Beer walkabout and I see her, the dream.
I call her the other love again.
I am unsure of her.
Her dress lingers on red, or blue.
I don't think she should come home with me.

I am in the space of the black window. My room.
Arched back captured by the couch, head expanded.
I am the walls, I am the bed, I am the dead air.
In the center, The radio scratches its throat.
Women holler with hips and shoulders, "Be my baby!"
I am down in my heart.
Do I want you because you are none of these?

that magic feeling
Nowhere to go