Letters from a drugged up homeboi

Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 2:41 AM
To: Kyle
Subject: slj KING KAHN

hey buddy.
it's 11:07?
i think my computer is covered in ash from the morning bbq?
did we bbq this morning?

seems like ash is everywhere

not morbid
like clammy
on my hands
grime as an objective source of income

look at this picture dammit:


kyle you are awesome from ashley

she's tripping
adam is showing tim the kryptonite napalm


Check out this Beaut

I really like "the Canoe"


this house stinks

I have not created
I have not create
I think of a moon that is not there
a drooping moon
with a howling hum
a moon that is a clock that is a melting clock

my insincere fingers
are my fingers
they rub and grate against me
they remind me of dumb tractors
and they rumble like:
"hand grasp pearls
was it wrought in peril!"

my passivity grew like hidden babylon
I found myself gorging on the clouds
vaguely thanking god
for a vicious metabolism
and up close the drooping moon said
you've misplaced memory,
he said, there is nothing
quite like beer in bed


Sleepy Sun - Fever