Chat Groups, wild things

hey nether region of my life.

I remember when we were somewhat close. but honestly, I always kept my distance. don't feel hurt.

I am starting a writer's group at my humble abode in seattle. That for some reason made me think of also making a chat group, where random people meet bi-weekly, or something like that, in order to "chat", and improve their "chatting" skills.

eg. "I don't like the way you used that typo/I like the way you used that typo. It made your point hard to understand/it got your point across well. You chat poorly/you chat well."

sadly, internet personas that do not link to a tangible person are often horrid and pretentious. I feel that I would not enjoy a chat with someone who I did not know because they would always have this mysterious quality about them. I feel like this is the same mystery and unpredictable quality that makes the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are so scary. the reader never knows what the monsters intentions are for max, and while they appear to care for him at some points, the next moment they are saying that they'll "eat him up".

The Internet Is Where the Wild Things Are.