I see my Generation Y, or whatever, in 5 pictures

New York Times did a piece on the twenty-somethings of 2010.
Why are you so passionate about being so dispassionate, gen Y?
gen Y, you're acting like a child, and you know your booze/drugs.
What are you gonna do with yourself, gen Y? Farmshare? TFA?
Y all, listen, GEN Y, you have to listen, to the echoes of tradition.


today you love life
tomorrow you hate life
tomorrows tomorrow, you know you loved life today
but you don't remember the feeling
early in the morning you wake from a broken smoke alarm
boosted on a couch you beat on it
like last night, the drinks to your head
little self whispers: why? why? why?
but you know he doesn't make sense
because that humming feeling
its the light in the window